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9 Bike Trails... E-Z Map Links & Photos Galore (scroll down page to see summaries below)

FL Panhandle Bike Trails... 9 First-hand Reports

9 paved multi-use trails in the Florida Panhandle... Milton, FL (near Pensacola) to Tallahassee.

Blackwater Heritage State Trail Blackwater Heritage State Trail (Military Heritage Trail) - A linear State Park running 8.5 miles, most on an old Florida and Alabama Railroad rail bed. Starts in Milton, then rural, the western-most rail trail in Florida.

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Blountstown Greenway Trail Blountstown Greenway Trail - The pleasant, well-shaded trail follows the route of the former Marianna and Blountstown (M&B) Railroad four 4 miles at Blountstown, the county seat for Calhoun County.

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Loggerhead Run Bike Trail Loggerhead Run Bike Trail - 8-mile trail on Cape San Blas that runs from St. Joseph Peninsula State Park to Salinas Park along Hwy 30E (Cape San Blas Road).

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St. George Island Bike Path St. George Island - Biking options on a 22 mile long barrier island between the Gulf of Mexico and Apalachicola Bay. 6 mile paved bike path in town, 9 miles in St. George Island State Park.

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Timpoochee Trail Timpoochee Trail - A great way to visit Walton County's pristine beaches, Timpoochee Trail follows Scenic Route CR30A (southeast of Fort Walton Beach) for 19 miles along the Gulf.

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"Capital City to the Sea" Regional Trail System

A "Regional Trail System" is made up of several individual bike trails that link together to form a single, continuous biking opportunity. Plans for the Capital City to the Sea Trails System call for linking Tallahassee to the Gulf Coast via a series of connected trails in Wakulla and Leon Counties - envisioned as a continuous 120-mile biking loop. A view of this proposed system explains the short GF&A trail deep in the National Forest. Work continues on the Coastal Trail. Otherwise, closing the loop through the Forest doesn't seem to be a priority at this time.

Capital City to Sea Trails Capital City to the Sea Trails System; Overview Page - The following 4 trails are planned as part of the "Capital City to the Sea" System.

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Coastal Trail Coastal Trail - Partially complete, the trail parallels US 98 and will eventually connect to the Ochlockonee Bay Trail at Surf Road. A 12-mile section west from the St. Marks Trail is complete.

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GF&A Trail GF&A Trail - Lovingly referred to as the "Gopher, Frog & Alligator Trail," the GF&A follows the route of the former Georgia, Florida & Alabama Railroad. 2.5 miles paved in Apalachicola National Forest.

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Ochlockonee Bay Trail Ochlockonee Bay Trail - Two distinct sections of trail; (1) 10 miles alongside Surf Road, and (2) 2.5 miles alongside Mashes Sands Road, Mash Island, with a short gap on-road.

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Tallahassee-St. Marks Historic Railroad State Trail Tallahassee-St. Marks Historic Railroad State Trail - Completed in 1988, this is the oldest paved rail-trail in Florida.16 miles between St. Mark's and Tallahassee, plus 4 mile link into downtown.

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