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Everglades, Miami Area Eco-biking Trails...

Unpaved Biking, Hiking in Natural South Florida

Everglades National Park and surrounds are most enjoyable in the cooler months, December to April. Inside the National Park, hiking is most popular on the shorter, unpaved trails. Riding is best suited for fat-tire bikes, a bumpy and slow ride for us, but a good way to outpace the mosquitos, especially on Snake Bight and Rowdy Bend (when open). Just outside Everglades National Park, many miles of dirt and gravel levee trails are especially rough on tires, so plan accordingly if venturing long distances out here.

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  1. Within the National Park - Three eco-biking options, via the south entrance
  2. Historic Roads - Two historic roads (rutty, unpaved for decades).
  3. Canal/Levee Trails - Outside National Park, dirt and gravel). Miles of designated trails along the top of canal levees.

Paved biking is available via three main "Visitor Centers," see at Trails - Everglades National Park

Overview Map... Everglades Eco-biking

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Inside the National Park

Rowdy Bend Trail

Rowdy Bend Trail

View Trails Inside the National Park, Photos

- Long Pine Key Nature Trail
- Rowdy Bend
- Snake Bight

Historic Roads

Loop Road

Loop Road

View Historic Roads, Photos

- Loop Road Scenic Drive (outside Park)
- Old Ingraham Highway (inside Park)

Canal / Levee Trails

Biscayne-Everglades Greenway-L31 Canal

Biscayne-Everglades Greenway-L31 Canal

View Canal / Levee Trails, Photos

- Biscayne-Everglades Greenway
- Conservation Levee Greenway
- Southern Glades Trail
- Other Canal Levee Trails

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