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Reported: February 2013

Old Fort King Trail... West Florida

Biking on an Historic Road - Both Paved and Unpaved Trail Sections

This multi-use trail (biking, walking/hiking, horseback riding) runs about 6.7 miles parallel to US 301, between John B. Sargeant Park and Hillsborough River State Park. The trail follows the old Fort King Road - once an Indian trail, it's now US 301. Fort King (near Ocala), was established in 1827 as a buffer between the Seminole Indians and settlers moving into the territory, and played a role in the Second Seminole War. The Fort was abandoned in 1846 and dismantled by locals for use as building materials. (Map link and photos below.)

Old Fort King Trail

Map link - Old Fort King Trail

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Location: Hillsborough County (Thonotasassa)
End Points: John B. Sargeant State Park to Hillsborough River State Park
Mileage: 6.7 miles along Hwy. 301 North
Surface: Asphalt 12', packed dirt
Nearby points of interest: Lower Hillsborough Wilderness Preserve

Biking at Old Fort King Trail

John B. Sargeant Park to Lower Hillsborough Wilderness Preserve

The first 2.4 miles from Sargeant Park (parking, restrooms, picnic, fishing, hiking, boating/paddling) is paved, a portion shares the roadway with autos (private driveway crossings). The remainder is off-road through forest at Lower Hillsborough Wilderness Preserve and Hillsborough River State Park. The trail at the State Park is best for fat tires/mountain bikes only. Due to heat but mostly due to bugs, we recommend this as a cold-weather ride!

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