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Latest update: August 2022

Duke Energy Trail... West Florida Biking

Key Part of Eastern Leg of the Pinellas Trail Loop

Duke Energy Trail is part of the emerging Pinellas Trail Loop, a planned 75-mile biking loop from St. Petersburg to Tarpon Springs and return. The Duke Energy Trail will form most of the eastern segment of the Loop, eventually running from John Chestnut Sr. Park in Palm Harbor to the North Bay Trail in St. Petersburg. About 13 miles are now complete, with a total of 22.5 miles projected. The trail mostly utilizes Duke Energy right-of-ways and is an easy ride, but virtually no shade and some large road crossings. (Map and photos below.)

Duke Energy Trail. Pinellas Trail Loop

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Duke Energy Trail

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Location: Pinellas County
End Points: Clearwater (complete to date)
Mileage: 13 miles completed, 22.5 when done
Surface: Paved asphalt, 15' (some narrower sections)
Nearby points of interest: BayCare Ballpark (formerly Spectrum Field), John Chestnut Sr. Park, Courtney Campbell Scenic Highway and Trail

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 Page Summary:

  1. Biking on Duke Energy Trail
    - John Chestnut Park to Enterprise Rd.
    - Enterprise Rd. to Sunset Pt. Road
    - Sunset Pt. Road to Old Coachman Road
    - Old Coachman Road to Haines Bayshore Rd.
    - South Gap
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Biking the Duke Energy Trail... Comments and Photos

Connecting trails along the way add to biking available: (1) the trail meets Ream Wilson Clearwater Trail, providing a route to Safety Harbor and the Courtney Campbell Trail; (2) it crosses the Druid Road Trail, which provides a route to the Gulf and Clearwater Beach; (3) at the south end, when completed it will meet the North Bay Trail into St. Petersburg.

Here we visit the Duke Energy Trail from North to South

John Chestnut Park to Enterprise Rd. - 6.7 miles

Formerly the "North Gap," this section extends the Duke Energy Trail from the connection with the Pinellas Trail at John Chestnut Sr. Park to Enterprise Road in Clearwater. This was completed (August 2022) with the exception of a bridge over the Lake Tarpon Outfall Canal, scheduled for completion in 2024. In the meantime, a temporary route along East Lake Rd. S. to the intersection of Tampa Rd. and McMullen Booth Rd. has been mapped out with signage pointing the way. This route runs through a busy section, be very careful.

Note: We haven't visited this section yet, we'll update with more details at a later date. Photo shown was taken during construction at John Chestnut Park.

Enterprise Rd. to Sunset Pt. Road - 1.6 miles

Past Enterprise Road, the trail crosses a bridge over busy US 19. It then runs along the powerline corridor with no shade. Watch for Duke Energy trucks crossing the trail. A parking lot with portalet is available at Sunset Pt. Road.

Sunset Pt. Road to Old Coachman Road - 1.5 miles

From Sunset Pt. Road, the trail runs south along the power line to NE Coachman Road. Here, the trail runs roadside to Old Coachman Road, where it crosses a railroad track and meets Ream Wilson Clearwater Trail. The two run together past Northeast Coachman Park (parking, picnic, disk golf course), then they cross Old Coachman Road where they diverge - Ream Wilson goes straight, while Duke Energy Trail goes to the right.

Old Coachman Road to Haines Bayshore Rd. - 3.5 miles

The trail runs along Old Coachman Road from the intersection with the Ream Wilson Clearwater Trail. Of particular interest through this section is BayCare Ballpark (formerly Spectrum Field, Philadelphia Phillies spring training) and other Major and Minor League baseball-related facilities. A public parking lot at the Carpenter Complex is available, but parking can be limited when baseball games are in progress. Continuing along Old Coachman Road, be careful crossing Drew St. and Gulf-to-Bay Blvd. - use button to activate the crossing signal. Turn onto Bellair Rd. which passes under US 19, then parallel US 19 for a short distance to Haines Bayshore Road, where the Pinellas Trail South Gap starts, eventually linking to the North Bay Trail in St. Petersburg.

Pinellas Trail Loop/Duke Energy Trail - South Gap - 12 miles

This section runs from Haines Bayshore Rd. south into St. Petersburg and connecting to the North Bay Trail, about 12 miles. An underpass has been completed at Ulmerton Rd., and a short portion is complete in St. Petersburg utilizing the Roosevelt Blvd. Trail, about 2 miles.

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